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Winters Deep


For nearly 500 years peace has reigned over the small city of Winter's Deep; the town has prospered establishing trade routes to the larger cities to which they provide stone and granite for their buildings from the local mountain quarry.

There has been no need for a military force within the city, the city master instead hiring mercenaries when the rare occasion has called for brute force and aggression.

However, this has changed recently due to the increasing reports of monster attacks with the local region which has raised concerns for the city's inhabitants. Unfortunately these attacks haven't been confirmed and it is thought that they are just rumours spread by bandits known as the 'Nightcrawlers'. It is thought thag these bandits have recently set up base in the city's Crypt preying on Winters Deep and the surrounding region.

The city master of Winter's Deep has sent a message to the 'Protectors of Phandalin' pleading that they travel to Winters Deep and speak with him in the hope that they will be able to assist and deal with the bandits and their leader known as 'Ripper'.

Our hero's decide to take up this quest knowing how much Phandalin suffered 2 years past under the rule of the evil Redbrands.

Several days after first setting out on their travels our adveturers arrive at the outskirts of Winters Deep where they are met by Harold the city master….their adventure begins now.



Artefacts of Fate

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